window shades in Pompano Beach, FL

Our area of Florida has some pretty amazing vistas, and it is a shame to cover them up with window treatments. Luckily there are several window shades in Pompano Beach, FL you can choose that will give you all the benefits of window coverings without obstructing the beautiful views. These are the options to consider:

Layered Shades

These are perfect if you like modern design. The clean lines complement many aesthetics. And even in the down position, this window covering still offers peeks of the view without sacrificing privacy or light control. You can even get motorized control and eliminate the need for dangling cords.

Sheer Curtains

These are versatile and affordable window treatments that are widely popular. You can get curtains in almost any fabric color, pattern, and thickness. With sheer curtains, you can close them and still enjoy the view. And the soft filtered light is something out of a dream. They work well in so many applications and are easy to swap out if you like to change things up more often.

Roller Shades

These are another simple, affordable, and popular window covering. By choosing the right fabric for your shade, you will still be able to see outside while preserving privacy. Or you can roll the shade up and entirely out of the way for a completely unobstructed view.

Drapery Panels

Homes often look unfinished without some type of window treatment. So even if you want to leave your windows completely unobstructed, you can still install drapes and hang them to either side. This solution will frame the view instead of block it, and it will give the room a more finished feel. And should you decide you want privacy at night, you can close them completely.

Woven-Wood Shades

These window coverings have a great natural texture that lends itself to almost every design. You can hang them on their own or pair them with sheer panels or shades to help diffuse the light. And they are virtually unnoticeable when fully open.


Shutters are on the more expensive end of window treatments, but they are one of the most elegant solutions you could choose. And they are also one of the only window coverings that will add value to your home. You can fold the panels out of the way or you can close them and tilt the slats so you can see out, but no one can see in.

Cellular Shades

These are an energy-efficient window covering because the gaps in the cells help insulate your windows. You can even get two-tone shades with a sheer top portion and a blackout lower portion so you can enjoy the view and natural light while still maintaining privacy.

If you are interested in any of these window shades in Pompano Beach, FL come talk to one of our design experts. At Open House Interiors we combine creativity with attention detail and help you find the best window coverings. For more information call (954) 533-7445. Or visit the state of the art showroom located at 4312 North Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308.

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