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The new year is the perfect time to give your home a new look. One simple way to make a bold style change is by updating your window treatments. Windows are an important part of the home in both form and function. They are often the focal point of any room, and as such, window treatments also draw a lot of extra attention. Plantation window shutters in Pompano Beach, FL are a timeless choice. And with the variety of materials and options at your disposal, you are sure to find shutters you can use to complement the beautiful windows throughout your home.

Basics of Plantation Window Shutters

So many people love the look of plantation shutters and countless homes across the country are adorned with them. They are easy to use. This type of window covering features wide louvers you can tilt with a rod to control light and privacy. They also hinge to the sides so you can pull them completely open. And because of the insulation provided by the solid material, plantation shutters are especially popular in Southern and Western states where the weather is warmer. These window treatments are also easy to clean, requiring just the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth or mild detergent.

Materials for Plantation Window Shutters

Plantation shutters come in three common materials: vinyl, composite, and wood.

Vinyl plantation shutters are durable and weather resistant. They perform well in high-moisture areas because the material will not rot or warp. They also come at a more affordable price point. The leading drawback of vinyl shutters is they cannot be painted and come in just a handful of neutral colors.

Composite plantation shutters are made from engineered wood, which is basically a core made of MDF wrapped in a vinyl coating that looks like wood. These shutters are very sturdy, energy efficient, and are also weather and humidity resistant. The leading drawback is that no matter how they try, these windows simply do not compare to the beautiful aesthetic of real wood.

Wood plantation shutters are also known as true plantation shutters. Many homeowners believe the look and feel of real wood simply cannot be matched by manmade materials. Shutters made from hardwoods are light but strong. With proper maintenance real wood shutters can last thirty years or more. And the surface is also paintable so you can change things up and keep the shutters looking fresh for years to come.

Plantation Shutters Can Fit Any Window

Many homeowners believe plantation shutters cannot cover different styles of windows. That is wrong. With the two mounting options, you can get plantation shutters that fit either inside or outside the frame. This gives you plenty of versatility to cover almost any window style, design, or arrangement.

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