window shutters in Pompano Beach, FL

When it comes to window treatments, sometimes homeowners decide to leave their windows completely uncovered. What they may not realize is this is a mistake that could damage their home and property and cost them more money. We want to help you avoid some of these mistakes with window shutters in Pompano Beach, FL. Here are three reasons why homeowners leave their windows uncovered, and why it is not the best decision:

1. To Preserve the View

Living in paradise, it is hard to cover up the beautiful views. This is especially true if you live in a private area with an expansive yard or unobstructed path to the ocean. Why not keep the windows completely undressed and make expansive windows and beautiful views the focal point of your home?

It might be tempting, but UV damage is one unforeseen consequence of keeping the windows bare. The rays of the sun don’t just damage skin. They can also damage fabrics, furnishings, and finishes. Too much sunlight will wreak havoc on the couch by the window. It will fade the painting on the opposite wall. It will parch and fade hardwood floors and carpets that already sustain serious damage from foot-traffic. And yes, UV rays can even fade granite, marble, and other slabs of natural stone.

2. To Save Money

It is natural to believe you don’t need to worry about covering windows where privacy is not a concern. Why pay that much money to get window treatments for second-story windows, closet windows, and windows in unused bedrooms? There is no reason to cover them if no one can see inside.

The truth is, even three small windows high up on a west-facing wall will see several hours of hot Florida sun. You may not need to worry about privacy in this case, but you do need to think about unwanted heat gains. Windows are notorious for being a weak link in efficiency. In fact, you can lose up to 30% of your bill paying for energy that goes right out the window.

3. To Make the Home More Modern

Mid-century modern is making a comeback in a big way. This architectural style is staked in expansive windows with clean lines and ample natural light. And homeowners wanting to embrace this minimalist look tend to avoid window coverings for the sake of aesthetics.

This is a mistake. Window coverings provide so many benefits like light control, privacy, insulation, and more. Adding them to the home doesn’t have to detract from the aesthetics. In fact, the right window treatments will complement the design of the home and highlight your personal tastes.

One good solution is window shutters. They open wide so you can still preserve your view, and close tight or tilt to protect your furnishing from UV damage. And you don’t have to worry about your shutters fading, because they are made from durable material meant to withstand the sunlight. Shutters can also help insulate your windows. The extra layer helps protect against unwanted heat gains and energy losses. Shutters also come in a variety of colors, materials, and styles. You can get shutters with sleek lines and simple styles that will only complement the modern design of your home.

Ready to check out window shutters in Pompano Beach, FL? Your first stop should be Open House Interiors. Call us at (954) 533-7445 to set up an appointment or visit 4312 North Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 to check out our showroom.

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