window covering in Pompano Beach, FL

When you are ready to purchase a new window covering in Pompano Beach, FL you want to make sure the options you choose are the right fit. We are not talking about just the size. Each room in your home fulfills certain needs, and your window covering should help complement and fulfill those needs. So here is a room-by-room breakdown of the three rooms where you congregate in your home, and the best window treatments for those areas:

Sheer Shades in the Kitchen

In the past, the kitchen was a place exclusively set aside for cooking. It was usually an out of the way room or corner. Today people favor a more open floorplan, and the kitchen is the hub of the home. It segues into the dining room or living room with little separation and is often the place where people congregate, eat, and entertain. It is important to keep all of this in mind when choosing window covering.

Privacy is not much of a concern in the kitchen, and you want plenty of natural light. You also want window treatments that are easy to clean. And because you spend so much time in the kitchen you want coverings that complement your style and are easy to look at. Sheer shades are a great option because they still allow plenty of light to filter through. They are easy to operate, simple to clean and come in a wide range of patterns and textures.

Blackout Shades or Privacy Blinds in the Living Room

The living space is another area of the home where occupants spend a lot of their waking hours. It is a space for family gatherings, relaxation, and conversation. Most living rooms are home to the most comfortable couch, the television, the speakers, and shelves for movies, books, and toys. It is used both night and day and has some unique needs as far as light control and privacy.

People want a window covering in the living room to offer both light and dark, openness and privacy. Blackout shades make it easy to enjoy watching TV any time of day without the harsh glare. Privacy blinds are another option that provides light control and also block the view from the street when you want to keep people from seeing inside.

Shutters or Drapes in the Dining Room

The dining room is a unique space with different needs than you have for the rest of your home. It is often one of the more formal rooms, and it requires elevated décor. Beyond being the space where you gather together for meals, it may also be a place of entertainment, conversation, and enjoyment.

You want a window covering that provides elegance and style, but also privacy and light control. A lot of homeowners favor floor-to-ceiling drapes in thicker materials. They come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures. And there is very little that can compete when it comes to elegance. But if you are also looking for something sophisticated and durable, another option is shutters. They provide a smooth, built-in look and are made to last.

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