window blinds in Pompano Beach, FL

Finding window treatments for sliding glass doors poses a challenge. These large installations are basically big windows you can walk through. Because it takes up so much space you want a window covering that is beautiful and complements your style. But you also need something that is easy to use and functions so you can still walk through it. Vertical window blinds in Pompano Beach, FL are the most popular option for sliding glass doors, but they are not the only option. Here are three other solutions to consider:

Sheer Curtains and Drapes

These are the most common solution for sliding glass doors. They are large enough to cover the entire opening and help add visual height to the space. They are simple to install and don’t require precise measurements for fitting into place. They are also extremely easy to push out of the way to gain access to the door. Curtains and drapes come in an endless array of colors, textures, thicknesses, and patterns. You can easily find options to match your décor. And when you double up with sheers and drapes you have more control over light and privacy. They are also easy to remove for washing, which is important. As a doorway to the outside, these window treatments will get dirty and require more washing. The main drawback of curtains and drapes is they do take up a little extra space against the wall, especially if you want to be able to access the entire view of the glass door.

Vertical Cell Shades

You have probably seen sheer shades used to cover the narrow sidelights by the front door, but did you know they can also work for sliding glass doors? With vertical cell shades, the pleated fabric opens and closes just like a sliding door and collapses down to just a few inches. When shut over the window, they help soften the intensity of the light, but can still give you a view of what is going on outside. These window treatments can provide daytime and nighttime privacy, which is especially important if your yard backs up against a busy street. And the cellular shape acts as an insulator to what could otherwise be a huge weak spot in efficiency. You can choose from a range of colors as well as light filtering options. But keep in mind, these window treatments are not as easy to clean as other options.

Sliding Panels

Panel track blinds are a favorited window treatment for sliding glass doors. They are made of flat panels of fabric that slide back and forth on a track to cover and uncover the glass door. They are sleek, elegant, and make a statement. They are versatile and come in hundreds of fabric options so it is easy to coordinate with décor and other window treatments. You can also choose the right light control from opaque to blackout. They are also extremely easy to operate. They can slide to the right or the left, or operate on a split track and slide from the center to both sides. You can decide on motorized, cord loop, or wand control.

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