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Most people will end up replacing their window covering in Pompano Beach, FL every seven to eight years. But that time could be shorter or longer depending on the window covering, the location in the home, and the amount of use they see. When you inspect your window treatments here are eight signs of wear and damage to watch for:

1. Warped or Bent Slats

Misshapen slats are usually a sign of heat damage or humidity damage for aluminum, vinyl, faux wood, or wood window coverings. If only one or two slats are warped you might just replace them with undamaged slats. But if more slats are damaged you should replace the entire window covering.

2. Difficult to Raise

Do your blinds require a lot of force? Or is it impossible to lift them? If your blinds are relatively new and hard to lift then the slats may be too heavy for the cords and mechanisms. If blinds are older then the lifting mechanism or the blinds themselves are damaged or on the brink of breaking. Hard-to-lift blinds are dangerous and could fall completely out of the frame with too much force.

3. Won’t Close Flat

If the slats on your blinds don’t close as tight as they used to, or you twist the tilt wand and the slats barely more, it likely means the tilt mechanism on your window covering is worn out. It is not an easy part to replace unless you re-cord the entire window covering. You would probably be better served just replacing the whole unit.

4. Frayed Cords

If you notice fraying cords it could mean the mechanisms are causing damage or that the blinds are so old they have worn out. Either way, it is time for something new.

5. Discolored Slats

Because window treatments are constantly exposed to the sun they will often fade or yellow from harmful ultraviolet rays. Discoloration also means the materials are losing structural integrity and need to be replaced.

6. Frayed Edges on Fabric shades

If the fabric on your windows shades start to fray at the edges it can sometimes mean the shades are too wide and rub up against the window frame. The damage will only get worse with time, so it is better to replace them with shades that fit.

7. Current Window Coverings are Not Safe

When you get a new addition to the family it might also be time to get replacement window coverings. Blinds with exposed cords are a dangerous strangulation hazard for small children and four-legged pets. Upgrading to safer, cordless options will be safer for little ones.

8. Out of Style

Feel like your window treatments date your home? Do they not match with the aesthetic of your home décor? Are they older than you are? Then it is probably time for an upgrade.

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