window shades in Oakland Park, FL

Windows provide a special type of art and can quickly become the focal point in any room. And ever since the mid-century movement of the 50s and 60s, we have an innate desire for larger windows, more natural light, and uninhibited views. But how do you dress larger windows without taking attention away from the architectural design or the view? This is where window shades in Oakland Park, FL can really make a difference.

Roller window shades were considered basic and utilitarian. But the window shades of the past have been reinvented and should not be overlooked. Now they come in a variety of materials, textures, and patterns to complement different styles and tastes. They work well as stand-alone window coverings. But you can also layer these slim shades with more robust window coverings. Here are just a few ways you might implement window shades in your home:

All-White Window Shades

If you like clean, minimalist design then you should consider all-white shades. They will allow outside light to shine so you can capitalize on natural light while still maintaining privacy. And the straight lines of roller shades are perfect for a simple design. To add detail and interest you might consider shades with unique textures or tone-on-tone patterns.

Paired with a Rich Valance

Roller shades are usually a no-frill window treatment. But if you like something a little more traditional you can pair simple window shades with luxurious fabric valances. This will highlight the architectural details in the room, but also create a softer design element.

Use in Formal Spaces

Usually, roller shades are considered more casual and perfect for bedrooms and living spaces, but perhaps not ideal for more formal areas of the home. But now shades come in many types of fabrics and prints which can help take them beyond the causal. Window shades in bold, rich colors can easily find a home in the most formal dining rooms or offices.

Safe for Children

There are some risks associated with certain window treatments. Long drapes or corded blinds are especially dangerous for children. But cordless shades are simple to operate and much safer. You can choose brightly colored shades to add a pop of interest in a nursery or child’s room without the hazard of strangulation.

Enjoy the View

Simple roller window shades blend seamlessly into the window, their slim profile and minimal design almost becoming part of the architecture. This makes them an ideal choice if you don’t want window treatments to take away from the view.

Natural Selection

You can also get shades in woven natural fibers or wood. They have a heavier stack and may not work in every room, but if you favor natural texture and neutral tones, they will be a great addition to open up more possibilities in the style of a room.

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