window blinds in Oakland Park, FL

Once you decide to get window blinds in Oakland Park, FL the next decision to make is whether you want to install the blind inside the frame or outside.

Inside mounted blinds have a headrail and vanes that sit inside the window casing. These types of blinds emphasize the actual size of the window and allow molding to be seen. But the window needs enough depth to accommodate the blinds inside the frame. Outside mounted blinds can fit on the window molding or above and beyond the window molding. They give the illusion of a wider or longer window. They also provide more privacy and light control. And these may be the only option if the window is not deep enough for inside mounted blinds.

Measuring for Horizontal Blinds

Here are some instructions to follow for measuring horizontal blinds for inside and outside mount:

Inside-Mounted Horizontal Blinds

Take three exact measurements of the window’s width inside the frame at the top, middle, and bottom. Then take three exact measurements of the window’s height at the left, middle, and right side. When providing the measurements to the company use the exact narrowest width without any deductions and the longest height without any deductions. The company will make necessary adjustments for the headrail and mounting brackets on the horizontal blinds.

Outside-Mounted Horizontal Blinds

With these measurements, you want to measure the exact width for where the blinds will hang. This means adding at least 1 1/2” more to the window frame on each side. You also measure from the exact height of where the proposed headrail will rest down to one and a half inches below the window sill or where the proposed blinds will rest.

Measuring for Vertical Blinds

Here are some instructions to follow for measuring vertical blinds for inside-mount and outside-mount:

Inside Mounted Vertical Blinds

For inside-mounted vertical blinds the window or door casing needs to be a certain width. For a flush headrail mount (where the track is flush with the frame) the casing needs to be at least 2 3/4” deep. For a flush vane mount (where the vanes are flush with the frame) the casing needs to be at least 3 3/4” deep. Otherwise, the opening cannot accommodate inside mount vertical blinds.

If there is enough depth in the casing then measure the exact width of the window in three places and use the smallest dimension. Then measure the exact height of the opening in three places from the top edge to the top of the sill or down to the floor. Use the longest of the three measurements. Then measure the window diagonally in two places from corner to corner. If they are not equal you should consider using an outside mount for function and aesthetics. When providing measurements do not make any deductions. The factory will make the allowances to ensure the most precise fit.

Outside Mounted Vertical Blinds

Outside mounted vertical blinds give you more leeway. Just measure the exact width of the window and add about 3” to either side. Then measure the exact eight of the opening from the top edge to the bottom edge and add just 3” for the adequate mounting area above the window. If the vanes will extend to the floor deduct 1/2” from the height because the factory does not make allowances on outside mount blinds.

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