window shutters in Oakland Park, FL

Shutters are a popular window covering because they are beautiful, durable, and provide insulation. And custom window shutters in Oakland Park, FL come with a lot of great options so homeowners can match the style of their home. Here are just a few things to consider:


Full shutters open as one whole panel. These are the most basic and most common type of window shutters. Cafe shutters cover the lower half of the window. That way the lower portion maintains privacy while the upper view is clear at eye level. With double hung shutters homeowners cover the entire window, but the top portion and the bottom portion open separately. Another similar option injectable steroids is the addition of a divider rail. This is a stationary strip between the upper and lower portions so homeowners can open the upper louvers while the bottom portion remains shut. On whole panel shutters, homeowners can also choose to add a divider rail. This is a stationary slat that divides the upper portion from the lower portion. That way they can open the upper louvers while the lower ones remain closed.

Mounting System

Homeowners can also choose to mount their shutters inside or outside the window opening. The first thing to check is for molding around the window. If windows do have decorative molding it is better to mount the shutters inside the frame. If there is no molding around the window an outside mount may be better. It comes with molding that gives the window and shutters a more finished look.


Next up is deciding on the right material for window shutters. Most homeowners choose traditional wood shutters. They are elegant and work well with almost every home design. Another option is composite wood with a more durable finish. These are ideal for areas like the kitchen and bathroom where moisture is more of a concern.

Louver Size

Another key design feature is the size of the louvers. Slats are generally available in 2 1/2” to 4 1/2” sizes. The smaller slats look more proportional on small windows where the larger slats work best on larger windows. The larger slats also provide more light control and give occupants a better view out.

Tilting Options

There are also two different tilting options homeowners can select. There is the traditional front tilt bar located in the middle on the front of the louvers. The only problem is this tilt rod often obstructs the view. A more modern option is a hidden tilt bar located behind the louvers to one side. These are out of the so when the shutters are open homeowners get a better view.

Need help deciding which design options to choose for your window shutters in Oakland Park, FL? Contact Open House Interiors. Our designers can walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of our different styles. They will also help you choose the best design options to suit the style of your home. To schedule an appointment you can call us at (954) 533-7445. Or you can bring any questions you have to 4312 North Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308.

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