windows shades in Hillsboro Beach, FL

When it comes to choosing window coverings there are so many options. Narrowing it down can feel overwhelming. Two of the most popular options are blinds and windows shades in Hillsboro Beach, FL. And even within these two categories, there are still multiple styles to choose from. To make the process a little easier here is more information about these two types of products so you can find the right match:  

What is the Difference between Blinds and Shades?  

Many homeowners use these terms interchangeably to refer to both types of window coverings. But in reality, these are two distinct categories. In function, they achieve a similar goal but function differently. On a basic level shades are window coverings made of one or more pieces of fabric. Blinds are structured coverings made from horizontal slats.   

Light Control and Privacy 

When deciding between window blinds and shades, one basic question to ask yourself is, how do I want to block light and control privacy? Shades and blinds fulfill these needs differently. Blinds have slats you can tilt and shift to bounce light in different directions. You can also open and close blinds at different levels depending on how much light you need. Shades are made from solid fabric, and different thicknesses will filter or block light while still keeping your window covered for privacy.   


Shades are made of soft material that can rip and tear. Blinds are more solid. They are made from PVC, aluminum, or wood. They can hold up better. Think about that when you are placing window coverings in areas where they are likely to get snagged by people walking by.   


Is your home losing heat through your windows? Window coverings can help with insulation. Blinds don’t do much to prevent heat transfer, but there are specialty shades designed to trap air in fabric pockets. These are called cellular shades and will insulate your windows.   


One thing homeowners don’t love about blinds is the tedious task of cleaning. Dusting and wiping your blinds slat by slat can be frustrating. This is especially true if blinds are in a high traffic area. Shades are a little easier. You can remove dust with a brush attachment on your vacuum and spot clean with mild detergent and warm water.   


Both blinds and shades can look high end depending on the color and material you choose. Blinds typically come in neutral tones and work well with the aesthetics of almost every home. That said, some homeowners are looking for something more—more pattern and more color. When it comes to adding interest, shades come with more variety so you can find a unique match to your space.  


With little ones at home, accessible cords can be dangerous. Fortunately, both blinds and shades come with cordless options that are better for children.   


Between blinds and shades, it is difficult to say if one is more expensive over the other. Cost depends on a number of factors including size, material, and style.   

To consult with a window covering professional call Open House Interiors at (954) 533-7445. Or visit 4312 North Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale, FL  33308 to check out a showroom full of options for windows blinds and windows shades in Hillsboro Beach, FL 

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