windows shutters in Coral Springs, FL

Most homeowners turn to blinds or curtains when they want to dress their windows. But what they may not know is that window shutters in Coral Springs, FL are a window covering that will never go out of style. These products are exquisitely crafted and built from a variety of different materials meant to last. They also come with a long list of benefits that serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose in your home. A few benefits of window shutters include:


Shutters add a layer of protection which helps regulate internal temperature and mitigate heat transfer. This is great if you want to keep your home cooler in the summer without relying as heavily on your HVAC system. Shutters also insulate against unwanted noise intrusion.


Most homeowners value privacy and shutters might be a good option if you are looking for a more permanent solution. Shutters feature slats you can adjust for the desired level of privacy. You can close them completely, or crack them open to allow daylight inside while blocking the view of others from the street.

Light Control

As with privacy, the slats on window shutters can also adjust to block or let in light. In fact, shutters are known to give you the most control over how much light enters your home. If you have an east facing bedroom you can use shutters to black out the early sunlight. If you have a west facing family room, shutters can reduce glare. These window treatments can block out more sunlight than any other window covering.

UV Protection

Just as they block sunlight, window shutters can also protect your home against harmful UV rays. This will keep fabrics from wearing out and fading from sun exposure.


Window shutters can also provide additional security. You can get window shutters with their own locks and latches. This adds a second layer of protection to your home on an otherwise weak link in your home security.

Low Maintenance

As it turns out, window shutters are also low maintenance. They are made from sturdy materials that will not rot or corrode. And because they are set on hinges shutters are easy to swing out so you can easily clean the front and back.


You can custom order window shutters to fit almost any shape or size window. They can fit inside the frame for a sleek look, our mount outside the window for even more coverage. You can even customize the color of your shutters to match the style and aesthetic of your home.

Home Value

Even though shutters may be indoors, they are still visible from the outside and can add curb appeal to your home. And because they are a permanent addition, plantation shutters are one of the few window coverings that actually add value to your home.

If you want to take full advantage of the benefits provided by window shutters in Coral Springs, FL contact Open House Interiors. You can call (954) 533-7445 or stop by 4312 North Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308.

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