window blinds in Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you are outfitting your windows it can be hard to choose between horizontal and vertical window blinds in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Each option comes with different advantages. So here are a few factors you can use to determine which products are right for the windows in your home:

Consider the Type of Window

This should always be the first step when trying to decide on window coverings. What type of window do you have and how big is it? Tall, narrow windows often have horizontal blinds because they are sturdier and easier to open and close in small spaces. Tall, wide windows usually feature long, vertical blinds. This is because horizontal blinds for such large installations are often heavy and awkward to raise. Vertical blinds are much easier to push out of the way.

Think about the Direction of the Sun

This is another factor to keep in mind. Where does the sun go and what type of sunlight will you be trying to block? East and west-facing windows get a lot of direct sunlight. Here homeowners often choose horizontal blinds because as the angle of the sun changes they can tilt the slats up and down to block the light or allow light to pass through. North and south-facing windows do not get as much direct light. This is why vertical blinds might be better suited for these locations.

Worry about Privacy

If you live on a busy street privacy might be a main concern. While both window treatments have you covered, horizontal binds do offer a bit more privacy. You can easily open and close them as needed. You can also tilt the slats to allow light to filter in while still maintaining privacy. This isn’t as easy to accomplish with vertical blinds.

Don’t Forget about Upkeep

Which ones are easier to clean? When it comes to upkeep a lot of homeowners agree vertical blinds are a bit easier. The slats do not have cords running through them and you can clean the full section in one sweep. Horizontal blinds have strings and other mechanisms to get in the way and make cleaning difficult. You also have to clean one side, and then tilt the slats to clean the other. That said, horizontal blinds are easier to remove for a more thorough washing with the hose or in the shower. You can pull down the entire set of blinds at once and put them back as a whole when you are done. For vertical blinds, you have to remove the slats one by one and replace them.

If you still aren’t sure if you want horizontal or vertical window blinds in Fort Lauderdale, FL, consider calling Open House Interiors. We can provide a free consultation and help you figure out the best solutions for the different windows in your home. For more information contact us at (954) 533-7445. Or you can stop by our state of the art showroom located at 4312 North Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 and check out some of our products for yourself.

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