window blinds in Oakland Park, FL

Window treatments are one of the best ways to add style, color, texture, and interest to a room. They also perform different functions like providing light control, privacy, and insulation. They come in so many shapes and sizes you are sure to find something that matches your personal taste. One of the most popular treatments is window blinds in Oakland Park, FL. But even with blinds, there is a wide range in cost, which depends on these factors:

Square Footage

Size is one of the biggest factors affecting the price. Obviously outfitting one small window will be more affordable than trying to cover a wall of windows. To get an accurate estimate you will need to measure your windows, though it may not be as intuitive as you think. For most blinds, you British Dragon will measure inside the frames. But for outside mount or vertical blinds, you need to measure from where you plan to install the headrail.


Blinds may not have as much variety as the fabrics of shades and curtains, but there are still several material options to choose from. Vinyl blinds typically cost less than other materials. But that doesn’t mean they are cheap. Vinyl is water resistant and energy efficient. On the other end of the spectrum are blinds made from exotic wood. The difference in price could be hundreds of dollars.


Quality of window treatments doesn’t just have to do with the material. It also involves the design, construction, and manufactured treatments. A standard set of mass-produced, cut-to-fit blinds will be way more affordable than custom-made, hand-crafted, eco-friendly blinds. Whether these differences are really worth it depends on the homeowner and their own personal tastes and values.


Drapes are the cheapest window treatments to install, and the easiest. Next, come shades and blinds that have similar installation. Depending on circumstances like placement and number of windows, the cost of installation can range from less than a hundred dollars to hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, if you are outfitting several windows most installers will give you a discount for bulk orders.


Another important factor to consider is customization. Choosing simpler, standard options will save you money. The price will be significantly different if your blinds need to be custom fit or custom made. Also adding custom elements like a unique stain or color will increase the price as well.

With so many options and features available it is no wonder the price on window blinds in Oakland Park, FL can vary so much. Really the only way to get an accurate quote is to take measurements and sit down with a window treatment expert. Our success stems from the true enjoyment of the creative process and wanting to help customers find exactly what they are looking for in window treatments. To set up your own consultation call (954) 533-7445. Or come by our state of the art showroom located at 4312 North Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308.

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