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Selling a home is stressful. There are probably plenty of projects you want to do to improve the aesthetics and functionality before you sell. But full blown renovations take a lot of time and money, with no guarantee of a return on your investment. Instead here are some easier ways to improve your home before putting it on the market:

Keep it Clean

The first thing to do is eliminate clutter. No one wants to walk through a dirty home. And you don’t want to post pictures of rooms filled with stuff. So before you list and start showing your home do a deep cleaning. Get rid of any useless items. wipe down all the surfaces including counters, floors, cabinets, walls, and windows. And do what you can to make simple repairs around the home. No potential buyer wants to waste time with a laundry list of repairs. You can also clean the outside with a power washer. You will be amazed at how far simple cleaning will go.

Create Curb Appeal

Houses with great curb appeal catch attention and draw people in. That is exactly the type of thing you are looking for when selling your home. So to boost curb appeal you should clean up the yard and flower beds. You should consider repainting the front door and you might even swap out some of the hardware. Use colors and fixtures that compliment your home and add a little bit of décor to help your exterior pop.

Brighten Up the Entryway

The entryway is the first thing prospective buyers will see. It should be clean and free from clutter. It should also have as much light as possible. Bright spaces are more inviting. So if you have windows near the entry open up the blinds and let the sunlight shine in. You might also want to upgrade the entry light to a statement piece that will draw the eye upward. And if you have old carpet in the entry you might consider replacing it with modern flooring that is clean and stylish.

Stage Your Furniture

Your home doesn’t need to feel like a mansion. But it is important for each room to make sense. Arrange furniture in a smart manner to show buyers how nice and comfortable it is. You also want to find ways to visually increase square footage to make the home feel larger and more livable.

Upgrade to Window Shutters

There is no need for overkill. You may be tempted by a full remodel, but your upgrades could actually deter some buyers. But there are some standard upgrades that appeal to almost everyone. Something like new door knobs, wall sockets, and window shutters might seem simplistic. But these upgrades can really help boost the appeal of your home.

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